Archive - 19/4/2011

Tue, 19/04/2011 - 13:05

Review of the Georgian Mass Media. The major russian-language newspaper has been closed

We’ll start the review of the Georgian press with a report that the major russian-language newspaper in Georgia "The independent Georgia", which was founded in 1922 titled as "Zarya Vostoka («The dawn of the Orient") (while being ruled by Gamsakhurdia-it was titled as «The Messenger of Georgia»), ceased to be issued. Is it officially said only about the "suspense of the issue". How the next temporal measure will become the constant one - time will show. The remained georgian pro-government MM, with calls of samurai attacked upon Israel: "If these businessmen (the Israeli investors Fuks and Frenkel, to whom Georgia owned 100 million dollars and threw them into prison on accusation of offering the bribe for not paying the debt) have dared to give the bribe to the officials of Georgia, it probably means they got accustomed to do it in Israel" (writes "Georgia Online" in the article "The Head of the Israeli Foreign Office may be accused of corruption").