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Sun, 08/05/2011 - 16:09

The passport system will start in South Ossetia in the middle of May

From the 17 May 2011 the process of issuing passports will start in South Ossetia. It has been declared by the President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity in the course of the meeting with the representatives of the law-enforcement bodies of the RSO. Having heard the information of the relevant structures about their readiness to start issuing passports to the population of the Republic, the Head of the state has entrusted to the government, the preparation of all the normative- legal acts and begin issuing passports of the citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia with the graduates .of schools since 17 May 2011. As reported by the Head of the state, the passports will be issuing in strict accordance to the Law and the Constitution of the RSO. "And they will be granted only on the territory of South Ossetia", - has declared the president, having noted that the passports earlier issued will be exempted. "The category of our people, who cannot give the documents of confirmation of the citizenship (specified in the list of necessary documents for receiving the passport of a citizen of the RSO) and having the passport of the citizen of the RSO, will undergo separate procedure", - has emphasized Eduard Kokoity.

Sun, 08/05/2011 - 15:56

Артисты из Южной Осетии и Абхазии проедут с концертами по городам СКФО и ЮФО

The State song-and- dance group of the Republic of South Ossetia "Simd" and the State folk dance group "The Caucasus" of the Republics of Abkhazia will give the joint festive concerts, dedicated to the acknowledgment of the independence of the RSO and the RA by Russia in the cities of the North-Caucasian federal district (NCFD) and the South federal district (SFD). It has been reported IA "Res" by the Deputy Minister of culture of the RSO Dzhulietta Dzheranova. "On 9 of May the Abkhazian folk- dance group 'The 'Caucasus'' will conduct the solo concerts in Tskhinval. On 13 of May the ensembles ''Simd'' and ''The Caucasus'' will organize the joint concerts in the capital of South Ossetia and then leave with tour for the cities of NCFD and SFD ", - she has said. As the Deputy Minister has informed, the South-Ossetian and the Abkhazian ensembles will give the joint concerts in Vladikavkaz, Nalchik, Cherkessk, Maykop, Krasnodar, Rostov from 14 to 21 of May, and on 23 of May - in the capital of Abkhazia Sukhum.

Sun, 08/05/2011 - 15:55

Boris Attoev: The special services of Georgia stand behind the all acts of terror in South Ossetia

The Chairman of the Committee for State Security of the RSO Boris Attoev in his interview IA "Res" has told about the subversive activity of the Georgian special services against South Ossetia, the destructive forces in the Republic and cooperation of the south-ossetian special services with the foreign colleagues

What are the methods and the activity of the Georgian special services against South Ossetia?

First of all, on the eve of the holiday – the Day of the Great Victory, I would like to congratulate our veterans and all our society. All those people, who brought closer the victory in that great fight of our people for liberty, I wish them health, welfare and long years of life. As to the activity of the Georgian special services, it is aimed at destabilization of the situation in the Republic of South Ossetia. Even on the eve of the war in August 2008 the special services of Georgia have conducted several terrorist acts on the territory of South Ossetia, in the result of which the innocent people, including teenagers, perished. At the same time, for the reason of persuading our citizens to cooperate with them, they used blackmail, involved them in smuggling, planted drugs and false money on people. These methods are being used by them up to the present time. All the citizens of the RSO, regardless, if they are found on the territory of Georgia lawfully or not, are being observed attentively by the Georgian special services. They undergo psychological pressure for getting the information on military objects in the RSO, on political situation. The Special services make provocations for attracting people to the secret cooperation. Unfortunately, the analysis of the acts of terror in the RSO proves that the Georgian special services also attracted the citizens of the RSO to their activity. At the same time I would like to remind you that our legislation enables the discharge of criminal responsibility on the article 205 (the terrorism) and 275 (the high treason) of the Criminal code, in case of voluntary appearance of a person, cooperated with the foreign special services, forces and promoted prevention of the act of terror and wrecking of the reconnaissance actions, directed on violating safety in the Republic.