Archive - 21/6/2011

Tue, 21/06/2011 - 16:19

A representative of the South- Ossetian mass-media will take part in the V International forum

The Deputy Editor-in-chief of the South-Ossetian political newspaper "South Ossetia" Merab Zasseev will take part in the V International forum of Mass-media «Interaction in the general interests» which will take place in Maykop on June, 23-25. The organizers of the forum are the Adygei Committee on Affairs of Nationalities, Relations with Compatriots and Mass-media with the assistance of the Union of Journalists of Adygea. As the participant of the forum Merab Zasseev has informed the news agency «Res», the representatives of the South Ossetian print mass-media have been taking part in the forum in the course of two years.