Archive - 3/7/2011

Sun, 03/07/2011 - 11:11

The correspondent of the news agency "Res" has been awarded in the International Sportswriter`s Day in Tskhinval

Today, on July, 2 in the International Sportswriter`s Day, the Kekusin-Kan Karate Federation in the RSO has awarded the journalist of the news agency "Res» Guguli Valiev with a letter of commendation. The Federation management has expressed its gratitude to the journalist for his active informational support in survey of the sports actions in the Republic. As the trainer of the Kekusin-Kan Karate Federation in the RSO Vladimir Sozaev has informed the news agency "Res", Kekusin-Kan Karate – is a new type of sport for South Ossetia which has been practicing in the Republic since September, 2010.