Tskhinval has again undergone shelling from grenade cup discharges

06/06/2007 - 09:22

In the night from June, 4th, for June, 5th the northern outskirts of the capital of the Republic of South Ossetia,Tskhinval, has undergone shelling from grenade cup discharges. The press-service of the Ministry of Defence and emergency situations of the Republic of South Ossetia informs about it. The aimless shelling on the inhabited quarters of the town was conducted from the direction of the Georgian village Tamarasheni. There are no victims or wounded.
At present the group of monitoring, consisting of the military observers of JPKF and the representatives of the Mission of OSCE, works at the place of shelling.

The inhabitant of Tskhinval is kidnapped in the Georgian village Ergneti

06/06/2007 - 09:20

Today, at 9:12am, in the immediate vicinity of the border of South Ossetia Republic with Georgia, in the Georgian village Ergneti, at the illegally placed post of the power structures of Georgia the inhabitant of Tskhinval, a taxi driver Chermen Dzhagaev, has been kidnapped. The press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia Republic informs about it.
«Chermen Dzhagaev, having driven to the border on a motor vehicle VAZ 2107, has been kidnapped by people in military form. After the three unknown persons have sat down near Dzhagaev, one of whom has seized him by a throat, the car has left towards Georgia», they have noted at the press-service. The Joint Staff of JPKF and the Mission of OSCE are notified of the fact of kidnapping.

The Message of the Joint Staff of JPKF in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict

06/06/2007 - 09:18

In connection with absence of water supply a critical ecological situation has occurred in Tskhinval. The threat of occurrence of various infectious diseases among the population is created. At the same time the Georgian side continues interfering with the carrying out of the repair works on restoration of the sluice.
For carrying out of the rehabilitation works on the sluice, the command of JPKF offers the parties the opportunity of allocation of their forces and means.

The Message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia Republic

06/06/2007 - 09:16

The incessant artificial aggravation of the situation in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict and the demonstrative provoking of dangerous tension in the georgian-ossetian relations, that the management of Georgia continues to carry out, leaves less hopes for the opportunity of conducting a constructive dialogue with it as with the adequate opponent.
As it has already been informed, as a result of the deliberate destruction by the Georgian side of the main sluice Edis-Tskhinval in the area of the georgian-populated villages Tamarasheni-Kekhvi, the supply of potable water to the town Tskhinval is stopped. The twelve-day water blockade in conditions of the unusually hot weather put the population of the town in a critical situation, really threatening with the occurrence of humanitarian accident.

An appeal of the NGOs of the Republic of South Ossetia to the international organizations

05/06/2007 - 09:40

Already, for more than 10 days the inhabitants of South Ossetia have endured the conditions of a humanitarian disaster. There is no water in the villages. Kindergartens, schools and hospitals are in critical condition. The population can hardly stand such living conditions in 30 decrees heat. The first cases recorded of gastrointestinal infections have been noted, most of them preschool age children. The blame for the events that are unfolding is fully on the Georgian side, which deliberately closed the water supply to Great Liakhvi Gorge.

Appeal of the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on the issue of Kosovo

04/06/2007 - 17:10

The peoples of Abkhazia and South Ossetia follow closely the developments around Kosovo. Should this region secede from Serbia and be recognized independent, it will yet again testify convincingly to the fact that the settlement of inter-ethnic conflicts is not only based on the principle of territorial integrity of States. Realization of the right of peoples to self-determination, provided there is evidence that they are capable of managing their own lives and ensuring development in accordance with the universally recognized democratic norms, might prove the only means of peaceful settlement of conflict situations.

The Georgian military men have illegally got into the zone of the conflict

02/06/2007 - 10:35

The Georgian side has thrown six KAMAZ with alive force to the georgian-populated settlement Avnevi, temporarily uncontrollable to the authorities of South Ossetia Republic. The correspondent of «Res» was informed about it at the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia Republic. According to the available information, the Georgian military men have arrived to the settlement Avnevi today at 14:30pm.

The meeting of Eduard Kokoyty with Roy Riv

02/06/2007 - 10:33

The president of South Ossetia Republic Eduard Kokoyty has accepted the Head of the Mission of OSCE, the Ambassador Roy Riv. In the course of the taken place conversation a wide range of questions, connected with the present aggravated situation in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict, and the search of ways of overcoming of the crisis that has recently developed in the process of settlement of the georgian-ossetian relations has been discussed.

The message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia Republic

31/05/2007 - 12:02

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressing extreme concern, is compelled again to pay the attention of the international community to the absolutely inadmissible in conditions of the extremely intensed georgian-ossetian relations actions of the Georgian side, directed at putting rough pressure upon South Ossetia.