Boris Chochiev: «Provocation with Georgian militaries have been preplanned by Georgian side»

09/07/2008 - 16:30

Provocation on the night of 8 July was organized by the Georgian side as a ground for the aggression against the republic of South Ossetia.
«Georgian side is going on heating the situation in the conflict zone. Georgian Government is going on diversion and the terrorist activity at the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia. Provocation with the Georgian military servicemen was preplanned by Georgian side as a ground for the aggression against South Ossetia. Georgian side is increasing its military potential along the South Ossetian borders»-said the vice Premier, the Minister on special cases, who is also JCC co-chairman from the South Ossetian side Boris Chochiev at the briefing after the visit of the OSCE member States ambassadors to RSO.

Robert Guliev: «Tskhinval water supply is poor again»

09/07/2008 - 16:28

The water supply of the capital of the Republic of South Ossetia Tskhinval reduced more than twice. As the mayor of Tskhinval Robert Guliev reported to IA «Res» correspondent the cause of water supply deterioration is due to the illegal incuts in Edis-Tskhinval water pipe at the 9 km Kekhvi-Tamarasheni sector, which is temporarily controlled by Georgian power structures.

JPKF Headquarters report

09/07/2008 - 16:27

On 7 July 2008 at 17:00 the peacekeeping post of RNO-Alania «Tsnelis» in the zone of conflict reported of the helicopter overflight. The aircraft’s route laid from the east to west, out of established corridors at the height of 4-4,5 thousand m.

RSO political council’s sitting

08/07/2008 - 11:29

The Government of the Republic of South Ossetia will bend every effort to prevent RSO armed forces from involving in provocations of Georgian side. This was stated by the President of RSO Eduard Kokoity at the Government council.
«Our main task is to provide security to our citizens and to co-ordinate the action plan to improve the situation for keeping peace and stability in the region and convince Georgian side to negotiate»-said Eduard Kokoity.

Georgian peacekeepers were involved in preparation to shelling

04/07/2008 - 17:19

Georgian peacekeepers of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone left their positions in Tskhinval one our before the shelling of the capital of South Ossetian capital on the night from 3 to 4 July. As the correspondent of IA «Res» was informed at the press service of RSO President, JPKF Commandment was aware of Georgian observers’ intentions, but never informed Ossetian side.

Ossetian peacekeeping battalion shelled in Sarabuk

04/07/2008 - 17:18

Today mourning Ossetian peacekeeping battalion was shelled in Sarabuk. The situation in the Republic of South Ossetia is deteriorating. In RSO was declared a general mobilization.

Georgian troops made an attempt to occupy strategic heights

04/07/2008 - 12:30

As a result of RSO capital-Tskhinval night bombardment, delivered from mortars, grenade launchers and the small arms from three directions one man died and seven were wounded according to the preliminary data. There is information of damaged houses. At several sectors, were Georgian troops demonstratively advanced on Ossetian villages, Ossetian side was forced to retaliate. An intensive fusillade of Ubiat village lasted until late night. The village was attacked with the help of mortars. As a result of bombardment and sniper fire one man died and one wounded. Ossetian village Dmenis have been shelled till early morning.

Georgian power structures go on realizing the instructed plan

03/07/2008 - 16:40

«Georgian Government tasked their power structures to destabilize maximally the situation in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone until September. Within the framework of realization of this instruction authorities of power structures elaborated a scheme of measures which supposes an organization of number of provocative actions in the JPKF responsibility zone. In Tskhinval and the districts of Republic this plan, particularly, envisages firing of JPKF posts. Also, Georgian side will provoke exchanges of fire between South-Ossetian and Georgian positions located along the administrative RSO and RG border with the following fusillade of Tskhinval blocks. During the monitoring with JPKF and OSCE representatives participation the whole blame will be put on the South Ossetian side as the initiators of incidents and elucidated in Georgian media»-was informed IA «Res» correspondent at South Ossetian law enforcement organs.

An act of terrorism committed in Dmenis

03/07/2008 - 12:01

Today morning at 6:00 in the remote Ossetian village Dmenis, Tskhinval district of the Republic of South Ossetia committed an act of terrorism. This was informed to IA «Res» correspondent at the RSO MIA press service. In the result of explosion was killed the Head of Dmenis militia department Bibiliv Nodar Ilyich.
This is not the first attempt of physical elimination of Nodar Bibilov by Georgian special services. Earlier, on 28 February 2008 in the result of a terrorist act in Dmenis village Nodar Bibilov received heavy splinter wounds.