Tue, 16/01/2007 - 11:20

«On Sunday in the village Tamarasheni, that is temporarily not under control of the authorities of South Ossetia Republic, there occured a traffic accident. Alan Abaev, the town-dweller of Tskhinval, of 1982 year of birth, on a car “Opel-omega”, having exceeded the speed, hasn’t coped with the steering. Аbaev has driven over on a median strip and has overturned, as a result of the received traumas his father Tamaz Abaev, of 1962 year of birth, has died. His son Stanislav Abaev, of 2004 year of birth, and mother Nino Tigieva with physical injuries has been delivered to the Republican hospital of Tskhinval. The wife of Alan Abaev, Madina Khubezhova, of 1986 year of birth, is forwarded to hospital of Gori. The operatively investigatory brigade of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia Republic has driven out on the place of the accident for finding-out the circumstances, but, however, has not been admitted to the place of the accident», - the correspondent of «Res» was informed at the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia Republic. Today in this occasion the Minister of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia Republic Mikhail Mindzaev has declared: «In our struggle against criminality we always fruitfully cooperated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Georgia. However, after January, 14th, when our employees for the first time have not been admitted to the place of the accident, this cooperation is now put under great doubt.
The actions of the Georgian party after the accident put under great doubt the fortuitousness of this accident. Some questions are arising. Why hasn’t the Georgian party admitted our employees for carrying out the measures of inquiry and investigatory actions, why has it hidden the traces of the traffic accident? To me it is not clear to whom the Georgian police submits. Dzhemal Karkusov has engaged in the investigation of the traffic accident. If the Georgian police submits to Кarkusov, then the attitude to it will be absolutely the other, different to the state structure of the Republic of Georgia».
If the employees of the Georgian police do not submit to Кarkusov, then why do they carry out his orders? It would be desirable to ask a question the head of the law enforcement bodies of Georgia: «With what structures in Georgia can we contact, and which of them are placed under the authority of gangster formations?»

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