Wed, 14/02/2007 - 14:29

As it is known, there is a special order of moving of the cargoes in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict. It provides for the preliminary coordination of the given question between the south-ossetian and the georgian parties.
Unfortunately, today the Georgian party has made an attempt of an illegal transportation of the so-called humanitarian cargo through the territory of South Ossetia Republic without coordination with the south-ossetian party.
It has happened after the yesterday\"s visit of the president of Georgia of some villages on the territory of South Ossetia Republic, occupied by the armed forces of Georgia and from which the ossetian population is expelled. We also know that during the taken place meetings with the local population M. Saakashvili spoke with provocative, seditious appeals that disagree with the course of the international community on peace settlement of the georgian-ossetian conflict.
The south-ossetian party has regarded the today\"s actions of the Georgian party as a provocation, breaking the earlier signed agreements. The cargo has been stopped before the coordination of the question between the Georgian and the South-ossetian parts of JCC, especially since the south-ossetian party always touches such questions with understanding. Nevertheless, the Georgian party has made an attempt of the power settlement of the question at issue. Three lorries KAMAZ with the \"commandos», trained by the American military instructors, and thrown to the place of the incident, have captured several peace inhabitants of the ossetian nationality, including one employee of the law enforcement bodies.
As a result of actions of the Georgian party the situation in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict has sharply become aggravated. Considering the developed situation, the South-Ossetian part of JCC addresses the Georgian party with the requirement not to complicate as it is the complex situation, to observe the earlier signed agreements and to release immediately all the citizens captured and to remove the pickets placed on the roads for their normal functioning.

The Information-analytical department
Of the South-Ossetian part of JCC

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