The Message of the Joint Staff of JPKF

Fri, 08/06/2007 - 09:16

On June, 6th, 2007 a monitoring on the route Tskhinval - Mugut - Dvani - Tskhinval was held by the group of military observers from the three parties and the the representatives of the Mission of OSCE, with the purpose of checking of the information on the engineering works, that were underway in the area of the settlement Dvani.
In the course of holding of a monitoring it is established, that in the outskirts of the settlement Dvani, at the new place of the observant post of the Peace-making forces of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania «Muguti», works on engineering equipment of the positions with the use of building technical equipment are underway by the Georgian side. 15 armed employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia are found at positions.
It is necessary to note, that within three weeks the Georgian party unilaterally destabilizes situations in the area of the settlements Avnevi and Dvani. The Georgian party by its actions roughly breaks the agreements, accepted by the parties, and provokes the south-ossetian party on reciprocal.
The command of JPKF insists on consideration of the given question during the meeting of the co-chairmen of JCC, and advises the Georgian side to stop these illegal works.

The assistant of the commander of JPKF on work with the mass-media, the lieutenant colonel, Juriy Vereshchak

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