Georgian troops made an attempt to occupy strategic heights

Fri, 04/07/2008 - 12:30

As a result of RSO capital-Tskhinval night bombardment, delivered from mortars, grenade launchers and the small arms from three directions one man died and seven were wounded according to the preliminary data. There is information of damaged houses. At several sectors, were Georgian troops demonstratively advanced on Ossetian villages, Ossetian side was forced to retaliate. An intensive fusillade of Ubiat village lasted until late night. The village was attacked with the help of mortars. As a result of bombardment and sniper fire one man died and one wounded. Ossetian village Dmenis have been shelled till early morning.
According to preliminary data as a result of escalation of tension and a special operation of Georgia 2 people died and 11 were wounded. Amongst them the law enforcement organs serviceman 28 year old Roman Mamitov wounded during the shelling of Kokhat village, peaceful inhabitant of Gudjabaur village Zaur Kozaev, wounded in his own house and the Republic of South Ossetia State TV cameraman 26 year old Azamat Kudziev.
A general mobilization was declared. In case of another shelling from the Georgian side the heavy arms will be enter to the conflict zone. As is well known Georgian militaries have been constructing fortifications for one week in the conflict zone. At Thursday under the guise of protecting of the bypass road Georgian side placed another five illegal posts. At night were confirmed two attacks on the Ossetian positions in Tskhinval and Znaur districts of the Republic. In particular, Georgian troops were trying to occupy strategic Sarabuk heights. An infantry under the shelter of two tanks and armored vehicles closely approached the positions.
In the early morning of 3 July a terrorist act was committed at Dmenis village resulted in killing of the Head of Dmenis militia department sub colonel Nodar Bibilov.

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