OSCE, UN and EU delegation pays a visit to Tskhinval

Tue, 10/02/2009 - 13:06

A meeting of the RSO President"s for Post-conflict settlement Boris Chochiev and RSO Foreign Minister Murat Djioev with the delegation of OSCE, EU and UN was held in Tskhinval.
The delegation includes OSCE Chairman-in-Office Special Representative Christopoulos, UN SG Special Representative in Georgia Verbeke, the EU Special Representative Morel and other representatives of the organizations.
At the beginning of the meeting, Boris Chochiev had expressed his gratitude to the representatives of international organizations, namely the OSCE Chairman-in-Office for facilitating the solution of gas supplies to South Ossetia. "On behalf of the population of South Ossetia I would like to express gratitude for the settlement of this problem", said Chochiev.
As to the visit of the Geneva talks" Co-Chairmen to South Ossetia, Boris Chochiev stressed that :this had become a good tradition established by the co-chairpersons for Geneva consultations when they come and see the real situation on the ground before the actual meeting – better see than hear" said Chochiev.
During the meeting with Boris Chochiev, it was also stressed that "there are many problems, the situation is complicated, the Georgian side had not learnt any lessons from its aggression against South Ossetia and that steps towards peaceful resolution of the situation are needed with a due account to the current situation and today"s realities". Boris Chochiev expressed his hope that all these issues would be discussed at Geneva talks, as well as the problem of Ossetian refugees still being evicted from Georgia. "It is also necessary to discuss the situation in Leningori district of South Ossetia", he added.
"We are sure that thanks to the active position of the Geneva talks participants it will be possible to achieve a breakthrough in the negative attitudes among most international agencies and international community as such in regard to the events that happened in South Ossetia", said Chochiev.
"Surprisingly, they are currently focused on their attempts to convince that was a war between Russia and Georgia, and they intend to make people forget the fact that Georgia had committed a military aggression against South Ossetia. Georgians themselves began believing this, and we are sure that thanks to our common efforts we would be able to tell the truth to the international community", stressed Chochiev. "We believe that there is not only a financial crisis, but also a world crisis in terms of objectivity. Unbiased approaches are of no interest to anyone", stressed Chochiev.
"Today, you will be able to see the city and the villages of South Ossetia and the consequences of the military aggression committed by Georgia", added Chochiev.
In return, Ambassador Morel thanked the South Ossetian side for receiving the delegation. "We are here to prepare the next round of Geneva discussions scheduled for 17-18 February. We are happy to stress the importance of gas supply resumption thank to the efforts of the OSCE. We have a wide range of issues to be discussed", he said.
Currently, the delegation of the EU, OSCE and UN is visiting skhinval and villages of South Ossetia destroyed during the August 2008 Georgian aggression.

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