On the results of the working meeting between Alexei Miller and Eduard Kokoity

Thu, 12/02/2009 - 15:57

On 10 February, a working meeting between the Chairman of GAZPROM Alexei Miller and RSO President Eduard Kokoity was held at the central office of GAZPROM.
The sides had discussed the process of rehabilitation of the gas infrastructure of South Ossetia destroyed during the hostilities. A special attention has been paid to the new gas pipeline from North Ossetia to South Ossetia and management of natural gas supply to South Ossetia.
It was stressed that GAZPROM had completed the rehabilitation of delivery pipes and delivery station in Tskhinval. The sides had highly appreciated the accomplished work due to which the consumers in Tskhinval had been reconnected to natural gas supply in January.
Since August 2008, GAZPROM had been carrying out rehabilitation works to reconstruct the gas infrastructure of RSO destroyed during the hostilities. Through this period, a new gas delivery station has been built and all pipes were restored in Tskhinval. On 24 January, natural gas supply has been resumed and gas is delivered through Agara-Tskhinval, which is a part of Tbilisi – Kutaisi main pipeline. It is planned that consumers in SO will receive about 6 mil cubic m. of natural gas first six months of the year 2009.
While the reconstruction works were still ongoing, the consumers in Tskhinval and other towns and villages of South Ossetia were able to receive liquefied gas provided by GAZPROM. Some consumers in Tskhinval and villages are still receiving liquefied gas. The construction of the new pipeline Dzaurikau-Tskhinval had started in December 2006. The construction of pipeline from Dzaurikau up to Kudar gorge (92,8 km) is being implemented by GAZPROM and from the Kudar gorge through the territory of South Ossetia, the pipeline is built by Gas Company ITERA (70,2 km). The construction will be finished in 2009.
The city of Tskhinval is the only gasified place in the Respublic of South Ossetia. Currently, the gas is supplied by ITERA-Georgia.

Information Department of GAZPROM
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