Gas supply for Tskhinval fell down to 20%

Tue, 17/03/2009 - 16:58

The Georgian side is still not providing in full natural gas for the capital city of South Ossetia, reports the Director General of ENERGETIKA company Alan Gabaraev. According to him, the pressure in the main pipeline is 0,5 atmospheres, which allows providing only 20 % of city consumption.
”This amount is not enough for full consumption. Event the pert of the city which has been reconnected to gas, cannot use gas for heating, even cooking is a problem. ”We contacted Itera-Georgis and they told us about technical problem which they could not have tackled yet,” said Gabaraev.
16.03.2009 - 16:57
Eduard Kokoity held a meeting with ministers and heads of government departments
President of RSO Eduard Kokoity held a meeting with ministers and heads of government departments of RSO.
The gathering started with the report by Interior Minister Valery Valiev about the last week’s criminal situation.
President Eduard Kokoity stressed that “RSO Interior Ministry Road Inspection had improved its work. It is obvious. Please, forward to the Inspection staff my appreciation and stress that they should take more responsibility while fulfilling their duties”, said the President. Other law enforcement and defense structures had also reported about their activities. RSO Defense Minister Yuri Tanaev stressed that “in the area of EUMM responsibility, active fortification is ongoing. At night, deployment of armored equipment had been observed.”
Yuri Tanaev added that “the Defense Ministry has been carrying out scheduled operations”. The EMERCOM minister Anatoly Bibilov report about anti-flood measures carried out in Djava of RSO.
”70 % of anti-flood work has been completed. Similar work is being done both in Djava and other areas of South Ossetia”, he reported.
The Head of Djava district administration Ruslan Bagaev reported about the situation in this area.
During the meeting, problems faced by the population and administration of Leningor district were also discussed.
The meeting continued with discussion of taxation electricity and natural gas consumption. A related report has been voiced by the First Deputy of RSO Prime-Minister Khasan Pliev. The RSO President had tasked Kh. Pliev together with State Control and Economic Security Department and Prosecutor General Office to draft their proposals on bringing order to tax collection process both in the city and in rural areas. Eduard Kokoity thus stressed that “related energy sector problems should be thoroughly considered by Government Presidium and task relevant structures responsible for tax revenues to improve their work. It cannot continue like this. Every month, ee pay ten of millions of roubles to cover our debts. This lawlessness should be stopped.“

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