Statement of RSO MFA regarding the multinational NATO exercise on the territory of Georgia

Fri, 24/04/2009 - 10:44

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the RSO is expressing a deep concern over the political and military support provided by NATO to Georgia. It is not a secret that exactly the Organization member states’ flirting with Georgia’s present fascist regime which they declared as “the most democratic”, encouraged the authorities of this state for unleashing a military aggression against the Republic of South Ossetia in August 2008 unprecedented in its cruelty and perfidy.
In addition to this policy of sympathy towards the aggressor state, a demonstrative NATO refusal to postpone or cancel the multinational exercises planned for 6 May-1 June to be held on the territory of Georgia with the participation of its armed forces had followed.
In this regard, our special concern is over the fact that these military maneuvers had already taken place shortly before the tragic events of August 2008; however, the today’s situation is seriously complicated with the catastrophic internal developments in Georgia. Undoubtedly, the forces participating in the internal political struggle in Georgia will attempt using the presence of foreign military forces in Georgia to pursue their interests. This scenario fraught with dangerous provocations might be explained with the strife of all participants to the internal political crisis in Georgia to draw attention to their problems’ settlement to get whatever support, including that from outside Georgia, to achieve their revanchist aspirations.
In relation to dangerous development of the situation bringing the risk of a new destabilization in the Caucasus, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of RSO is addressing NATO chief officials and its member states with an appeal to weigh the reasonability for holding the military exercises in Georgia, which is the main source of tension in the region, to make sound conclusions from the events of August 2008 and to abandon the risky policy of drawing the aggressor state into the military alliance.
In the meantime, the Republic of South Ossetia reserves its unconditional right for any counteraction to any threat of resumption of tragic events of August 2008.

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