Boris Chochiev: The Position of Human Rights Organizations is Unclear

Fri, 24/04/2009 - 11:00

The IA RES had published a video record proving that three citizens of South Ossetia were abducted by Georgian law enforcement bodies, however no reaction from international human rights organizations followed.
Boris Chochiev, Special Representative for Post-Conflict Settlement:
It has been already four day and there is no reaction from international human rights organizations. Meanwhile, the video record gives a clear evidence that the South Ossetian citizens were captured by Georgian special services and these three persons were subjected to torture
Unfortunately, the policy of double standards tends to prevail in the activities of the EU and OSCE observers in the areas bordering with South Ossetia, where the abducted people were initially kept. Today, we know nothing about their fate and there are no guarantees that it there will be any clarification. We also do not understand the position of international human rights organizations, which should have already taken certain steps in this regard. After all, this video might become a starting point for investigation of causes of disappearances of innocent people. I'd reiterate, the policy of double standards prevails.
David Sanakoev, RSO Human Rights Commissioner:
The Georgian side's representatives are denying the fact of Alan Khachirov, Alan Khugaev and Solat Pliev being detained, though the video record dismisses these statements. This is not the first example of Georgian authorities' violations of commitments. From the very beginning, an agreement had been reached with the Georgian side on return of all detainees on both sides. This fact however proves that Tbilisi is incapable to follow the agreements and the statements on adherence to democratic principles and observance of human rights are nothing but shallow declarations of Sakashvili's regimes. If we take into consideration the new facts of bad faith of Georgian negotiators, further dialogue with them becomes senseless while we do not get any solid data on the fate of our citizens.
Irina Kadzhaev, political scientist:
The absence of any reaction to the video record was initially predictable. Or rather, the reaction followed only in South Ossetia. OUtside, no one cares about the abducted persons. This refers not only to those showed in the video record, but everyone who went missing during the conflict. The statements about observance of human rights and violations very much cared about in the West, have no sense when its comes to concrete facts damaging interests of political 'high-weights' and puppet regimes they control, such as that of Tbilisi. In fact, the story of Alan Khachirov, Alan Khugaev and Soltan Pliev causes deep concerns over their fate since the Georgian authorities keep stating that they are not and were not located on the territory of Georgia. It speaks for them knowing exactly what had happened to the abducted persons and that no one would find them in Georgia. Hopefully, this tragic broadcast is groundless and the boys will be found alive.

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