Eduard Kokoity is receiving the RF Official Delegation headed by the Chairman of Audit Chamber Sergei Sepashin

Tue, 05/05/2009 - 19:20

The President of RSO Eduard Kokoity is receiving the RF official delegation headed by the Chairman of the Audit Chamber Sergey Stepashin. The delegation includes also the Minister for Regional Development Viktor Basargin, the Deputy EMERCOM of the RF Ruslan Tsalikov and other officials. As the RSO President noted in his opening speech, "many construction sites had been already rehabilitated" thanks to joint work of the RF and RSO.
"Your assistance give us hope that the consequences of the Georgian aggression will be eliminated in the nearest future", stressed Kokoity.
Sergei Stepashin emphasized that the purpose of the meeting is to summarize the results of the work done so far and identification of priority tasks for the nearest future, and in a longer perspective for the implementation of the Reconstruction Program in South Ossetia in the wake of the war".
"Upon the end of the meeting, we should formulate concrete strategic questions related to the settlement of problems in South Osseita", said Stepashin.
Before the meeting, the delegation visited the buildings reconstructed after the Georgian aggression in August 2008.

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