Statement of the RSO KGB Press-Service

Sat, 30/05/2009 - 20:44

The RSO KGB has verified information at its disposal proving that Georgia’s special services are planning subversive terrorist acts on the territory of South Ossetia aimed at destabilization of situation through the parliamentary election process. We exactly know the names of chiefs and staff of the Georgia’s Interior Ministry Intelligence Department involved in the masterminding these terrorist acts.
The information available at the State Security Services once again give evidences that the Georgian side continues its policy of state terrorism. Therefore, we would like to address the residents of the RSO to stay watchful and report on persons or facts pointing to prepared terrorist acts to the law enforcement bodies of the RSO.
The RSO KGB is taking all necessary precautions to prevent criminal attempts by Georgia’s special services.
Telephone numbers of duty officers :
RSO KGB – 45-16-30, 45-16-27,
RSO MoI – 45-21-02.

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