Exchange of detainees discussed in Ergneti

Tue, 23/06/2009 - 12:58

Upon the proposal of the OSCE Greek Chairman-in-Office (CiO) Special Representative Ambassador Christopoulos Charalampos, a meeting between the representatives of the South Ossetian and the Georgian side was held in the village of Ergneti.
As reported by the Head of South Ossetian Delegation Merab Chigoev, issues related to exchange of citizens of South Ossetia and Georgia, either under investigation or sentenced, kept in pre-trial facilities or in prison, were discussed.
According to him, a preliminary agreement has been reached that these issues should be further elaborated within a week:
”We will thoroughly look through the lists and check the grounds upon which these persons are under investigation, draft and present concrete proposals to determine the persons to be exchanged.”
“We had also suggested that the lists of persons for exchange should include the citizens sentenced before August 2008. We have exchanged preliminary lists. Through the next week the lists will be thoroughly examined”, said Chigoev.
“We expected that the Georgian side would provide us with at least some data on our citizens abducted by the Georgian law enforcement bodies, but we have heard nothing from them”, underscored Chigoev.
Nonetheless, Merab Chigoev expressed his hope that the work in this field will be progressing.

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