Eduard Kokoity held a meeting on housing reconstruction in South Ossetia

Wed, 01/07/2009 - 19:16

The President of the Republic of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity held a meeting deoted to reconstruction of private and municipal housing partly or completely destroyed during the Georgian aggression in August 2008. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the RSO Government, Minister of Health and Social Welfare Nugzar Gabaraev, the Minister of Finance Inal Pukhaev, Prosecutor General Teimuraz Khugaev, Chairman of the State Committee for implementation of rehabilitation projects Zurab Kabisov, Chairman of the Committee for State Control and Economic Security Batradz Tokazov and Tskhinval Major Robert Guliev.
The RSO President listened to the briefing notes made by the meeting participants on the process of reconstruction of private and municipal housing, distribution of humanitarian aid and utilization of funds allocated from the special bank account to the population affected by the Georgian aggression. While discussing the issue of housing reconstruction, Eduard Kokoity mentioned that "advance funds had been already allocated for construction works. I would like to know how many houses we are ready to start with. Time was lost while all these issues were under discussion through the Inter-Agency Commission (IAC) and we should do as much as we can. Each person is important. Any delay is inexcusable. The population is waiting for concrete results of our work".

The President underlined that he "is not going to waste time and the most important is the result".
Zurab Kabisov reported on the preparation for reconstruction of private housing. He stressed that "the funds for advance payments for the general customer are available. Those organizations, which were waiting for these advance payments, have already started their works. The reconstruction will be going at a brisk pace".
Zurab Kabisov underlined that certain problems with the local residents emerge in the course of the work.
The president noted that "these people will be constantly provoked and stirred up. We will not be listening to their groundless demands, unless their rights are violated. The state should dictate the conditions. Our response is the concrete work done. These houses are requiring emergency repair. We are building new houses for these people".
Zaurab Kabisov had also informed that "this week, the advance funding is starting. 68 houses in the city had been already demolished and the sites are ready fro construction. 40 houses remained, there are certain problems with their documentation. All together, in the city 108 houses are to be demolished and additional 92 houses will be partly reconstructed." The state Committee together with the State Unitary Enterprise, the customer, were tasked to rebuild all houses and the, decide on the hand-over of disputed houses.
During the meeting, issues related to compensations for citizens who had already reconstructed their houses on their own were discussed. "All that the residents repaired themselves will be reimbursed. Now, the destruction certificates are being compiled", said Zurab Kabisov.
The President pointed to the necessity for rehabilitation of the main water pipeline Edis-Tskhinval, construction of new pipelines and water distribution points, as well as rehabilitation of rural roads and communication sector.
Nugzar Gabaraev reported on the distribution of humanitarian aid, utilization of funds allocated from the special bank account to deliver compensations to the families of killed, treatment of wounded persons, purchase of household equipment to the families which lost their property during the Georgian aggression in August 2008.
The president had once again stated the necessity to ensure that this information is transparent and tasked the Minister of Health and Social Welfare to publish on the web-page all the lists with the names of beneficiaries.
To conclude with, the President tasked all relevant agencies to elaborate monthly plan of action.
"We should follow this plan. All should be clearly described. Everyone will be held responsible for a single day delay", stated Eduard Kokoity.

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