Eduard Kokoity: Our people will always remember the great mission fulfilled by the Russian Federation

Mon, 20/07/2009 - 15:58

Russia is building up sold relationships with our state, and this proves that it fully implements its commitments, stated the RSO President Eduard Kokoity commenting to media the results of his meeting with the President of the Russian Federation Dmitri Medvedev.
According ot him, the two presidents had discussed a wide range of issues. “Dmitry Anatolievich showed his understanding and support to the actions taken by the leadership of South Ossetia with the fact that the reconstruction of private housing is a top priority for us. We expect signing about 30 project agreements with the Russian Federation. All these processes with reconstruction of South Ossetia will be intensified and many problems which we encountered will be settled more rapidly. I woul like to stress that there is full mutual understanding and support”, said the RSO President.

The RSO President stressed that the visit of the RF President to South Ossetia was historically crucial. “This is a historic event no only due to the visit of the RF President to South Ossetia as such, but because this is the visit of a man who did a lot for us and committed a brave deed by recognizing South Ossetia. The people of South Ossetia are grateful to Dmitry Anatolievich and the whole Russian nation for the provided support and assistance. Our people will always remember the great mission the Russian Federation had fulfilled, and namely, the brave deed of Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev”, stressed Eudard Kokoity.

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