The August 2008 events to be discussed at a round-table "South Ossetia: five days in August"

Thu, 06/08/2009 - 17:21

Within the fames of the arrangements and events devoted to the 1st anniversary of tragic 2008 August in South Ossetia, on 7 August a round-table "South Ossetia: five days in August" will be held in Tskhinval, reported the RSO Government Administration. Similar round-tables will take place in Moscow, Vladikavkaz, and Brussels, organized by regional public organization "Vozrozhdenie" (Revival). The round-tables will be connected through a space bridge Tskhinval-Vladikavkaz-Moscow-Brussels (RIA-NOVOSTI).

South Ossetian, Western Europe and Russian experts and politicians and public representatives will participate in them. The round-tables will focus on historical causes and essence of Georgia's aggressive policy towards South Ossetia, provocations and ethnic cleansing, as "modern means of communication of Georgian leadership with neighboring people and nations". "The role of Russia in saving the people of the Republic from physical annihilation and revival of South Ossetian statehood will be discussed", said the source in the Administration. The event will also include presentation of book "South Ossetia. Five days in August" and Akim Salbiev's film "August. Tskhinval"

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