RSO KGB: Another group of trespassers ahs been detained at the border between South Ossetia and Georgia

Fri, 30/10/2009 - 10:51

On 26 October, at 7:30 duty team of the RF FSB border-guards in South Ossetia has detained 5 Georgian citizens at attempted border-crossing in the area of the Ossetian village of Balta, reported the RSO KGB Press-Service.
The interrogation findings state that Tamaz Kharazishvili (1956), Gennady Kharazishvili (1968), Robinson Kharazishvili (1971), Tariel Djerano (1971) and Pridon Djeranov (1975) are residents of the village of Chvinisi, Kareli District of Georgia. According to testimonies, the persons attempted an illegal border-crossing to the territory of South Ossetia with their destination in the village of Balta, Znauri district, where they reportedly were invited for a job. It is found out that this information was false", reads the Press-Service Report.

"A corresponding message was transmitted through the Office of the Special Representative of RSO President for Post-Conflict Settlement to provide with necessary documents to identify the persons, since the detainees had no identification documents with them. On 29 October, all related papers on the case will be transferred to justice bodies for a decision on official reprimand against the detainees for violation of existing state-border crossing regulations", says the RSO KGB Press-Service report.

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