State Committee for the implementation of rehabilitation projects summed up annual results

Thu, 13/01/2011 - 11:34

In 2010, the State Committee for the implementation of rehabilitation projects handed over 202 newly constructed houses. 50 private houses will be ready early 2011, reported Deputy Chairman of State Committee Sarmat Kotaev.
According to him, in 2010 the construction of housing in rural areas of the Republic continued in 2010.

"As you know, in August 2008, as a result of Georgian aggression, villages and rural areas of the Republic were badly affected. In the village of Khetagurovo, 28 standard individual houses were handed over. In the village of Dmenis - 10 houses were completed, in Satikar 14 houses, in Khelchua two houses, Gudjabaur, Bibilty-kau and Galuanty -kau three houses in each of the villages, Nog-kau and Ubiat - one house per village. In Dzau district, 17 houses are under rehabilitation. There were some problems with contractors, but the construction work resumed there", said Kotaev.
According to Kotaev, in 2010, 130 apartments in municipal houses were rehabilitated, 199 apartments are at their final stage of rehabilitation, roofs were replaced at 70 apartment buildings, facades were renovated at 30 apartment buildings, windows were replaced at 35 houses.
As to issues of funding, the State Committee noted that in 2010 546 million rubles were allocated from the state budget for rehabilitation of housing. The allocation of 293.865 million rubles was recently signed.
According to Kotaev, all the allocated funds were planned for implementation in the first quarter of 2011.
"During the same period, it is planned to hand over new municipal houses in 14, Lenin street, 6, Pushkin street, 115 Tabolov street, 30, Engels street, and to construct 10 houses in Kvaisa ", he said.
In conclusion, he also noted that the state budget of South Ossetia in 2010 provided funding for rehabilitation of 30-appartment house in 118, Geroev street , worth of 12 million rouble.

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