Issues Related to Civil Society Discussed in South Ossetia

Fri, 18/02/2011 - 19:07

A round-table focusing on civil society related issues was held in Tskhinval. The round-table was organized by Council of Young Specialists to the city branch of "Yedinstvo" political party. The South Ossetian president's advisor Kosta Dzugaev, member of "Yedinstvo" Eleonora Bedoeva, as well as representatives of the Council of Young Specialists, youth and journalists participated in the round-table discussion.
Kosta Dzugaev noted that the problem of civil society was quite acute in South Ossetia. "Civil society is a group of socially active people. With the current situation in our society, the attitude of socially active people to the problems of our public and political life is particularly important". Dzugaev gave a broad explanation of the current situation with the civil society.

"There is civil society in place, but it is underdeveloped and apathetic. We wish there are more activities, especially among youth", said Dzugaev.
The discussion also focused on NGOs and political parties in South Ossetia. Bedoeva noted that a multi-party system is a big plus in the Republic. "The primary goal of our round table is to bring to you the understanding that you are the stabilizing force in this society, a reasonable and competent part of it, which should not allow any destabilization in the republic", Bedoeva addressed the representatives of the "Council of Young Specialists" and youth. She also added that the youth of South Ossetia should demonstrate its active civic stand and significantly contribute to the common goal, to building of an independent state.

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