South Ossetian Government Discusses Road Conditions

Tue, 22/02/2011 - 14:19

The situation at Transkam main highway and the roads of republican importance in South Ossetia was discussed at the session of the head of presidential administration Arsen Gagloev with ministers and heads of governmental agencies of South Ossetia. Deputy Prime Minister Domenty Kulumbegov also attended the session. Director of State Unitary Enterprise "Dorexpostroy" Igor Tuaev reported on the situation after the heavy snowfalls. "The roads of the republican importance are all open. Road services are all engaged in this emergency job with 24-hour use of machinery and equipment. It is hard to say how the situation develops. It all depends on the weather conditions", said Tuaev.

According to him, despite the existing difficulties, the road to Leningor to is also being cleaned up. The heads of administrations of Leningor, Znaur Tskhinval and Djava districts, and Kvaisa also reported on the situation in their respective areas of responsibility.
In general, the heads of administration noted the shortage of machinery in the rural areas, in particular, snow cleaning equipment, graders and tractors. According to head of Tskhinval district administration Inal Pukhaev, due to failure of the only available tractor, the rural roads are not cleaned. Arsen Gagloev tasked to find solutions, including, through engagement of private, outsourced workers. "For this purpose, the government of the Republic allocates necessary funds", he said. The Minister for Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) Anatoly Bibilov reported on the readiness of the Ministry to respond to emergencies. "Due to the shortage of road machinery, there is no road to remote villages. It is necessary to engage the machinery to clean the roads at these segments", said Bibilov. Arsen Gagloev expressed the interest in the situation at power-supply lines in all parts of the Republic. The director of SUE "Energoresurs" Alan Gabaraev reported on this. "Electricity is supplied to all districts of South Ossetia. There are also preventive measures undertaken to preempt any possible breakdown", said Gabaraev.
The head of the State Committee for Information and Communication Georgy Kabisov informed the gathering on the mobile communication in the Republic, noting that despite the weather conditions, there were no failures in the connection. Arsen Gagloev thanked the State Committee staff, who reached Leningor district last week and repaired the failure without any equipment. "The problems that we had with the communication in rural districts were eliminated. Yet we still face certain problems in rural areas to due time difference of transmitting satellite equipment. The satellites shifted to new transmission format", said Kabisov. "It is necessary to change the receivers and purchase TRICOLOR receivers. In this regard, we addressed the government, but additional fund have not been allocated yet."
The head of the State Committee requested to settle this problem as soon as possible. He also addressed the government with a request to allocate funds for a snowmobile to ensure better access to remote sites in the mountains.
The meeting discussed other issues.

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