Intergovernmental commission to discuss the issues of implementation of the investment program in South Ossetia

Thu, 24/02/2011 - 18:37

The third meeting of the Intergovernmental commission for socio-economic cooperation between the Republic of South Ossetia and Russian Federation will take place on 25 February in Vladikavkaz. According to the RSO presidential and governmental press-service, the meeting participants will hear out the information of the South-Ossetian side on the authorized republican body in charge of cooperation with the ministry of regional development of RF for implementation of the approved investment program for promotion of the socio-economic development of RSO for 2011.

Besides, the information on the authorized republican body in charge of state review of the project (estimate) documentation, as well as on the approved priority list of objects (activities) of the investment program will be presented at the meeting. Commission members will discuss the issues of specification of the Investment program parameters and the prospective forms of control over its implementation. They will also review the process of implementation of the earlier achieved decisions about the trading regimes between Russia and South Ossetia. As expected, the following parties will participate in the work of the Intergovernmental commission: from the South Ossetian side – president of RSO Edward Kokoity, RSO Prime-Minister Vadim Brovtsev, heads of a number of ministries and departments; from the Russian side – minister of regional development of RF Victor Basargin, deputy minister of regional development of RF Roman Panov and other commission members.

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