Valery Yakhnovets: People of South Ossetia have to be confident, that one will defend them

Fri, 25/02/2011 - 13:58

Today in South Ossetia two holidays are celebrating at the same time: the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland and also the celebration of the eighteen years since the day of the creation of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of South Ossetia.
In his interview to the IA "Res" the Minister of Defense of RSO Valery Yakhnovets has told about the issues and tasks of the defense department, as well as about the plans of development of the Armed forces.

The formation of our Armed forces had a specific way, considering the situation, threatening for that moment. It` not easy for me to tell of the exact ways of that processes, I can judge about them only by the telling of people, but the fact is, that the Ministry of Defense was created in August 2008, and owing to its arrangement and readiness, made a contribution to the achievement of the victory.
However, during its 18-year existence the Ministry of Defense, in principle, did not create the corresponding infrastructures for the armed forces. That is to say, that there is no points of constant dislocation, corresponding to the charter of the barracks, parking zone and modern technology.

So, for present-day the primary issue of the Ministry of Defense is to bring on the civilized level the condition of the armed forces. The last year was very complicated for us - it was expected large reduction of the Armed forces. However, thanks god, sober minds, which have suspended the reduction, have been found. This question is completely in hand of the Republic - a reduction is possible only on the edict of the president only and the resolution of the parliament, all the rest - unessential.
At the same time the reforming of the Ministry of Defense has been ongoing the way it will correspond to the tasks entrusted on it today. I pay the main attention, as I have already said, to the creation of infrastructure, as well as to preparation of transference of the Armed forces on the qualitative new level.

How has been resolving the issue of preparing the personnel in your department, considering the lack of military educational institutions in South Ossetia?

The resolving of this issue is simple and efficient, and it has been putting into practice successfully. Last year, the agreement between the Ministry of Defense of South Ossetia and Russia concerning the preparation of our personnel was signed. In accordance with this agreement we have a possibility to send annually to Russian military educational institutions about 18 persons. So, preparing of the personnel is going on, the professional officers, who have passed five-year preparation in Russia are coming to our Armed forces.
Concerning the number of necessary high-qualificated officers, we made a resolution to prepare maximum possible amount of the professional personnel, in spite of the total number of Armed forces of South Ossetia. This decision is correct also therefore that person, graduated from high military educational institution, has corresponding education, disciplined and will be able to find himself in any sphere of vital activity in the Republic. For present day about 60 our future officers are studying in Russian military high schools. We expect the high-qualitative specialists to come to the Republic. The Ministry of Defense has the following principle in their attitude: the vacancies for all the graduates of the military educational institutions in armed forces will be freed. For this purpose the testing commissions will be conducted. People, who do not correspond or have no education, will be changed on youth because the army has to be transferred on a new level - on level of the third millennium.

However, your department has been making a foundation of up-bringing of the officers personnel at the Native land; - I mean making the Cadet corps of South Ossetia. Tell us about this in more detail.

We want to raise the prestige of the military man in the Republic, that people will choose the aim of serving to the Native land with more realization. Cadet corps has been created for this purpose. Its creation, as the Ministry of Defense has planned, will promote to remove a high military educational level of the Republic on a qualitative new level. We realize that we have allowed ourselves a great deal, but it is necessary to do it. First of all, it is necessary to create the base, where the pupils of the corps must constantly be. Presently they are studying in one building with the pupils of secondary school, but it is not quite right from psychological and pedagogical standpoint. So it is necessary to build a separate building and this issue has been resolving now. This year it is planned to give some means for creation of educational material base, including the Cadet corps.
We have some agreements with some cadet corps and Suvorov schools of RF, whence arrive the specialists, who will help us to rise preparing of the Cadet corps on high level.
Also this year we plan our cadets to go to Russian cadet corps rallies in April. Ten best cadets will go there to associate with their contemporaries, visit the Kremlin, Poklonnaya Mountain, and see how the Presidential regiment of RF lives. The Program is interesting and saturated.
To realize all these plans we shall limit ourselves in some things, but we shall do for the growing generations as more as possible. In this question there is common comprehension and consent at the Ministry of Defense.

You have been at the head of the Ministry of Defense less than a half a year. What are your interrelations with the colleagues in government and with the deputies of the Parliament?

There is some lack of understanding, one happens to fight, either as for all, The maintenance of any army requires some means, and each head of the department has his own way of spending them, so one often has to stand up for some questions. I consider them quite normal working relations.
At the same time, if one has some difficulties in government, then on the side of the Parliament the Ministry of Defense and personally I find a .complete understanding. The majority of the deputies has passed through the war, and understands the importance of providing of the defense capability of the Republic.

What would you wish our armed forces and the whole people of our Republic this day?

First of all, I would like to wish the people of South Ossetia peace. Also I consider that it is necessary to leave, finally, the meaning of war and start constructing peaceful life. It is necessary to understand that this is your Native land, your people, and all that you are doing – is yours. One has to put his own soul there, work himself and not wait, when someone will come, will make and build everything for you. We ourselves have to build a beautiful city, beautiful Republic and solve the problems.
Аs for the army, I only have one wish: strong military discipline, because we will not tolerate the dependants and irresponsibility. The people of South Ossetia must be calm and certain that in case of necessity there is someone who will stand by them.

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