IA "RES" was approached by a farmer complaining about the regional officials

Fri, 25/02/2011 - 17:34

Heavy snowfalls affect the farmers of South Ossetia. IA "RES" was approached by the head of the farm-house "Afsati" in Tskhinval district, Fsati Khatsirti, who informed that the roof of his 28 cattle-heads' accommodating cattle-shed had collapsed under the pressure of snow bulk. However, the regional officials would not react to his appeal for assistance.
"By my own efforts I managed to build a temporary awning for them, so the cattle are not contained in the open. I asked the regional administration's agriculture department to help me draw up a report about the collapse of the roof of his cattle-shed, but they refused to comply with my request",- said Khatsirti.

According to him, the head of RSO Tskhinval district agriculture department Vladimir Slanov had said, that the head of district could not receive him as he was very busy, as for Slanov himself he responded that rendering assistance was not his responsibility and did not react to the farmer's request.
"I was forced to address the Agriculture department of the RSO Ministry of Economic development. The head of the department Dzhambolat Kozaev immediately tasked his employees to come to visit me and draw up a statement. But the thing is that my farm-house is situated on the territory of Tskhinval district, and it was really very unpleasant for me that our regional officials had not paid any attention to my request. If they are to react in the same manner to the requests of other farmers, then how are we to develop the rural economy", said Khatsirti.
Commenting at the IA "RES"s request on Khatsirti's claim, representatives of the RSO Tskhinval district administration pointed out that it did not correspond to reality.
"The head of regional administration was busy and was not able to receive the manager of the farm-house "Afsati", while his request for drawing up of a report was not ignored. I have already tasked my employees. They are going to pay a visit and draw up a report as soon as tomorrow", said Slanov.

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