People's party of RSO will help to solve the problems of the residents of Leningor district

Tue, 01/03/2011 - 15:44

The chairman of the People's party of RSO Kaximir Pliev held a working meeting with the representatives of Leningor primary party organization headed by David Eloev, as IA "RES" was informed by the press-service of the PP RSO.

"The problems, encountered by the population of Leningor district villages were discussed at the meeting. It was noted, that in the village of Orchosan the school building had collapsed, the residents of the villages Orchosan, Tsinagar, Abreu and others are suffering due to lack of irrigation water, there are no cultural or sports facilities for the young people to spend their free time", - they pointed out in the press-service. In his turn, David Eloev noted, that "in case the irrigation system is constructed, many people may return to the district, and if the government assists with the equipment and machinery, the local residents ready to work on the construction free of charge".
A decision was taken during these discussions to purchase sports inventory for the above mentioned villages with the resources of the People's party. Besides, the People's party of RSO will bring a petition to the state authorities on construction of a school and supporting the construction of the irrigation system.

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