Policy of the opened doors on Georgian way

Tue, 01/03/2011 - 18:37

Recently the leadership of Georgia has declared publicly about "the policy of opened doors" in relations with the people of North Caucasus. It has been constantly affirming that the citizens of North-Ossetian republics have been given a right to cross the territory of Georgia without visa. Also, in the same way the citizens of Georgia can arrive in North Caucasus without visas, if they have Russian citizenship. And if they have not the citizenship - only with the visas.

It would be well, but a lot of people complain of raised attention on the part of Georgian special services after their return from Russia. In turn, the citizens of Russia, who arrived in the sunny republic, not, but notice the watching of the "hospitable masters".
The Authorities of Georgia accepting such "liberal" decision, certainly, proceed from desire to hear, who supports the relationship with the "hostile country", notwithstanding the years of exhausting anti-Russian propaganda. Exactly in the same way in due course when Mao headed the China, the policy of openness was declared and allowed everybody to speak and publish all that they wanted. Dissidents were given in this bait, but afterwards the state security came and grabbed them.
However, in Tbilisi this is not specifically hidden. The Leader of the non-party movement Mamuka Gvadzabiya speaks straight, answering the question of the journalist of the newspaper "Akhali taoba" from February 27 2011, if the all risks have been taken into account of the Georgian authorities, coming to a conclusion on opening the border: "Wolves to be afraid – one has not to go to wood. As far as I know, there is strict control there".
That’s all to say.

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