Ruslan Bzarov: In the long prospect the changes are inevitable

Wed, 02/03/2011 - 16:03

The situation in the NEAR EAST will not reflect neither on Russia and no on Transcaucasia. The doctor of the historical sciences Ruslan Bzarov has declared IA "Res" about this.
On his opinion, Mass Media exaggerate the role of the processes, running on the NEAR EAST, and their influence upon Caucasus as a whole.

"The influence of these processes in the nearest prospect on situation, both in Transcaucasia, the North Caucasus and, in general, in Russia, is exaggerated. This is a more long-terming perspective and what is occurring now- it’s a main part, a main stage of shaping the new world relations", - has said Bzarov.
On his opinion, the present changes have been taking place in the size of the international community. «What is changing and gradually forming, as a whole, is identified the multi-polar world. Naturally, the Caucasus has been taking some determined place in this evolution. Also the position of Caucasian states will be changed; as it’s known, there are a lot enough of them and the relations between them are rather complicated.
But Bzarov considers that all the changes are not expected in the nearest future.
"Concerning the forecast for the nearest weeks and months, we are expected nothing new. The new changes are inevitable in the long perspective. Again, the things are connected with the new size, with the new place of USA, with the new place of NATO, with the new place and with the new responsibilities of Russia in this forming multi-polar world system", - has emphasized Bzarov.
As he says, one has to fear careless interference into the deals of the Near East on the part of anyone.
" It is very important that the president of Russia has firmly declared, there would not be any interference on the part of Russia , and the majority of the leaders of the modern world must agree with this fact ", - has concluded Bzarov.
Remind, the wave of revolution and anti-governmental marches, which have rolled across the North Africa and the Near East, went out of borders of these regions. Some Mass Media declare of the possibility of relevant processes in Transcaucasia.

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