The War in August 2008. The eye-witnesses are telling. Zoya Ostaeva

Thu, 03/03/2011 - 18:22

Ostaeva Zoya Petrovna 1959 y. b., inhabitant of the village Tbet.
The War in August 2008 has forced us to suffer the nightmare in the whole meaning of this word. Initially, at the beginning of the August georgians periodically were firing South Ossetia in evenings, however with dawn the fire was calming down. At night with seventh for eighth August, when about midnight the blasts thundered, I was perplexed: whether georgians once again undertook the attempt of destruction our Republic? Really it was the war?!

I, together with my neighbours, came down into the cellar; I have sent the children to Vladikavkaz before – they had a vacation, however. Some time we did not understand what was occurring, we hoped that by the morning the nightmare would stop, but it became worse and terrible. In the morning of August 9 the planes started to fly above us, we were happy, we thought that finally, the russian aviation came to help us, we wanted to run out on the street, but suddenly we heard, that they started bombing us. Our fright had not the end. We found ourselves in some half-dream: deafened, half asleep, freezing in cool cellar, in the darkness - we were waiting the worst. The missile exploded in front of our house, at that moment it came across our mind, that it was the end.
The georgians were going through our village; they were well armed, on tanks, also there was a lot infantry. They were firing our houses and moved towards our city.
We thought that we shall not survive in any case, and decided; at least, to undertake the attempt to leave the border of the Republic - can somehow, by the will of God, we shall manage to be rescued. We have left, there were nine of us in the car. One could not describe the terror, which we have suffered on Zarskaya road. The Georgian snipers were shooting our machine, trying to kill us. A machine was fuming on the road, its passengers were dead.
I remember brightly the fragmentary thoughts, which literally were flashing up in my mind. I thought that I would not survive and my children would remain the orphans. I prayed the God that all would be finished. The seconds seemed to be the hours.
I would not wish any people of the world to suffer the war. Any war, - first of all, is an absurd murder.

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