About 300 million roubles will be allotted for construction of socio-cultural objects in RSO

Thu, 03/03/2011 - 18:23

200 million roubles are planned to direct on construction the building of Kosta Khetagurov State dramatic theatre within the framework of the Investment program for assistance of rehabilitation of the Republic of South Ossetia in 2011. About this the leader of press-service of the president and the government of RSO Vyacheslav Sedov has reported IA «RES».

"These means will be allotted only for implementation of the first stage of the theatre construction, which is expected to terminate in 2012", - he has emphasized.
Moreover, in 2011 it is planned major repairs of the building in Tskhinval, where would be located the regional museum and is provided the construction of Ruten Gagloev museum in the settlement Vanel of Dzau region.
"By 2012 it is also expected the repair of the building of Boris Galaev State academy ensemble of song and dance "Simd" ", - he added.
In general, 288 million roubles will be allotted for the construction and repairing of the objects of socio-cultural sphere in the Republic.

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