South Ossetia once again will bring an action in Strasburg court on human rights

Fri, 04/03/2011 - 17:35

South Ossetia has renewed handing in the statements of the victims of war in August 2008in European court on human rights. About this the General prosecutor’s office of RSO has informed IA «RES».

"3 000 statements of the victims were sent to Strasburg court to be considered; one and a half thousand of these statements have been declined. The Representation of Strasburg court explains, that they had not the opportunity to connect with the side of protection", - has said the deputy of the general prosecutor Eldar Kokoev.
As Kokoev says, the applicants continue demanding Georgia would acknowledge its guiltiness in the aggression against South Ossetia, but the representatives of the General prosecutor’s office of RF present the interests of their citizens, who have both russian citizenship, in South Ossetia and in Strasburg, too.
Those applicants, who have earlier written to Strasburg, are calling to the prosecutor's office, and at the prosecutor's office they write again what has happened with them, their relatives and their property, and also what were the events, the witnesses of which they became at the period since August 7-9 2008.
"We simply render the assistance our colleagues in Russia. Also, the russian side provides legal protection of our people", - he has added.
On the given fact the prosecutor's office of the South Ossetia will exchange the information and documents with the russian prosecutor's office.

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