New roads will be built in South Ossetia

Fri, 04/03/2011 - 20:06

3 milliard 327 million roubles will be allotted on the development of the road infrastructure in South Ossetia. The leader of press-service of the president and the government of RSO Vyacheslav Sedov has reported IA "Res" about this.
As Sedov says, the question is in the construction of eight routes - Tskhinval-Leningor (the area Dmenis-Leningor), Tskhinval-Znaur, Otreu-Artsev, Grom-Tsinagar, Gufta-Kvaysa, Monaster-Akhmadzh, Akhmadzh-Leningor and Sinagur-Karzman.
"The state customer emerges the Ministry of capital, road construction and architecture of the Republic, - has said the official representative of the president and the government of RSO. - Herewith hard requirements on quality of the conducted work and the periods of their execution are put before the builders ".

He has noted that the financing will be realized in accordance with the decisions taken by the Intergovernmental commission.
"Necessary financial means, and this is nearly half of the whole amount mortgaged in the Investment program of the assistance socio-economic development of the Republic South Ossetia in 2011, will enter in accordance with the confirmed schedule. The construction of the new roads is planned to finish in 2012 whereupon they will be put into exploitation", - has noted Sedov.
Remind, that for realization of the Investment program for assistance socio-economic development of RSO in 2011 the Russian Federation has allotted 6 milliard 810 million roubles.

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