Kazbulat Tskhovrebov: Statements of Georgia are saturated with lie and hypocrisy

Sat, 05/03/2011 - 17:46

The flash-poll: the material, which confirmed that the initiator of unleashing the war in August 2008 is the president of Georgia M. Saakakashvili, has been placed on the site "Wikileaks". Also, the authorities are continuing to accuse Russia in the armed aggression against Georgia and call South Ossetia the occupied territory.
Your commentary.

Mira Tskhovrebova, vice-chairman of the parliament of RSO:
The next foolishness, by which the Georgian government tries to hide its fascist essence. Whom it could produce an impression on, after all, the true is clear for everyone long- long ago, all points in this history were placed long-long ago, what doubts one could have after all?!

Kazbulat Tskhovrebov, deputy of the minister of foreign affairs of RSO.
Unfortunately, we have to confirm the fact that Georgia continues to follow the rhetoric not motivated by any facts about so-called armed aggression on the part of Russia. The similar statements are through saturated with lie and hypocrisy, but, however, the majority of the countries of the world are listening to them. This causes our incomprehension, moreover in the light of that material, which has been published at the scandalous known site "Wiki leaks". The case also includes the announcements from the American embassies, which have been sent to the State department of USA. It is obvious from the material that the initiator of the armed aggression is Georgia exactly. Owing to this site a lot of people in the West could be able to know the real facts about the August 2008. However the political situation around the South Ossetia has not changed essentially. Georgia continues to neglect signing the agreement of not applying the force with the Republic of South Ossetia. Moreover, on the eve of the next round of Geneva debates georgian representatives have declared again about their desire to sign such agreement not with us, but with Russia, which did not attack anyone, and is not the side of the conflict on its essence.
The pressure on the part of Georgia has not been stopping. We observe how under its influence and the influence of its allies the term "occupied territory" is more often used towards our country. Such wordings even present in the resolutions of NATO. We declare that this is unacceptable by all means. We remind the whole world that the aggressor in August 2008 was exactly Georgia. The Russian Federation rescued the people of South Ossetia from destruction, and russian military forces on the territory of our country are residing here in accordance with the international agreements between Republic of South Ossetia and Russian Federation. Our territory is completely found under the control of South-Ossetian authorities, one can not say of any occupation. On the contrary, today the Republic is living in peace, has been rehabilitating and developing after the georgian aggression. We are looking into the future with optimism and are full of determination in the case of the fortification our statehood.

Batraz Kharebov, the leader of the information-analytical service of the parliament of RSO:
Who began the aggression in August 2008, who was the aggressor, and who suffered from this military adventure, is well known for us without the revelations of "Wikileaks". Ones in the West were well informed, but here it was preferable to keep other interpretations of the event.
First of all, to avoid the responsibility for assisting war crime and, secondly, not to acknowledge the obvious - a full collapse of its policy and plans in Transcaucasia. But a great deal from what has occurred has to be acknowledged, to name the figurants of these unbridled actions. Particularly, after promulgation of the conclusion "Taliyavini commission». In Washington and Brussels ones even condescended to the division of the measure of responsibility for what has been done between Russia and Georgia.
But in one thing the West remains steady – it concerns the recognition of South Ossetia. They continue to persist on the "territorial wholeness of Georgia ". In this case South Ossetia and Abkhazia, for ever lost for Georgia, are named the "occupied territories". It occurs that Abkhazia is presently occupied by the abkhazs themselves, and South Ossetia - by the ossetians.
M. Saakashvili so liked the word "occupation" that he named all his enemies the invaders, he has opened in Tbilisi "the museum of occupation", and named South Ossetia the "occupied territory» instead of the tiresome «Samachablo", "Shida Kartli" and "Tskhinvalskiy region". He considers the big diplomatic victory the fact of including this sucked out from finger and eroded determination into the international documents of disposable use.
Concerning Russia, M. Saakashvili has not to accuse it, but thank only for that after the destruction of its citizens and peacemakers crossed its border only for a pair of the days and only to terminate the operation of the forced peace. Presently the russian troops are outside Georgia. According to the agreement they are based in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and are the obvious factor of stability and safety not only for this Republic, but also for Georgia ,too/.

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