South-osseian delegation in Geneva has pointed to helplessness of OSCE and UN

Mon, 07/03/2011 - 18:07

South-ossetian side again has raised the issue of detainees and the lost citizens of the Republic in the course of the fifteenth round of international debates on the issues of stability and safety in Transcaucasia, which has started today in Geneva. As the representative of south-ossetian delegation David Sanakoev informed IA "Res" over the phone , the issue had been risen within the framework of working of the second group, where the situation in the regions have been discussing.

According to his words, south-ossetian side also raised the question of gas supplying of Leningor region of South Ossetia.
"The issue of gas supplying in Leningor region of RSO has been already hanging several years (since August 2008 – com. Ed.). The Georgian side has been politicized this question during the long period. The result is that the population of the region has spent two winters without gas. We have pointed to helplessness of some international organizations- such as OSCE, UN in resolving humanitarian issues", - Sanakoev has said.
On his opinion, with the approach of summer the issue of gas will be of second importance, but delivering water to Georgia from the territory of South Ossetia will be discussing sharply.
"We have declared that in this case, the issue of delivering water, will be resolving by such rate", - has concluded Sanakoev.

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