The restoration of the underground communications in South Ossetia requires more perfect quality

Wed, 16/03/2011 - 17:45

The Chairman of the government of the Republic of South Ossetia Vadim Brovtsev has hold the meeting of the United staff for coordination of the works on reconstruction of the underground communications in Tskhinval. There has been discussing the course of conducting the works, rough defects of some contract organizations and the way of their removal.

The Deputy Director of the Federal State Department the "South Management" Viktor Manushkin has noted that the works had been conducting in correspondence to the project and they would be continuing during 2-3 months. According to his works, about 70% of the whole volume of the present stage of the works has been completed, and 200metres out of approximately 800metres of the underground communications have to be changed on.
He has also reported that because of improper work execution of the "South Management" it has been made a decision about debarring some organizations from the participation in the reconstruction process of the underground communications.
The General Director of the State Unitary Enterprise «The Power Resource", Alan Gabaraev reported that the works had been conducting along the 13 from the 115 streets. Vadim Brovtsev was interested if there were some streets in the capital where the underground communications had been found in satisfactory condition, it allows to continue exploiting them without changing, but Alan Gabaraev answered that all the underground communications have been exhausted its resources long ago and became unfit for use. The Chairman of the Government has entrusted the Ministry of Construction of RSO to draw up a program of heavy repair of the water and sewage networks.
Alan Gabaraev has given the participants of the meeting the information of the quality of the conducting works.
"In Tskhinval the works on the reconstruction of the underground communications are conducting on critically low level, - he has noted. - Almost everywhere we can observe the defects. The majority of the pits stand askew, there is no any hermetically sealed and isolated tubes in many places, it is used the usual clay instead of sand, and the pipes are covered with the same ground which has been just extracted, instead of the gravel-sandy mixture. Besides, several acting pipes have been damaged; the result is that the inhabitants of some streets remained without water. The largest-scale damage is on the Osetinskaya street. We have been discussing not once about it, but there has been no any result ".
Viktor Manushkin has assured that the damage would be eliminated for a week. The Chairman of the Government has noted that he would accept only those areas, where the works would be executed qualitatively, on the other areas "these defects had to be eliminated".
The Deputy Chairman of the Government Domenty Kulumbegov, who earlier in the course of bypassing had carefully studied the situation on the places of undertaking the works on reconstruction of the underground communications, has noted: "I must express my delight by the patience of our population. I do not know any place in the world, where the relevant works are conducted this way. The pits are stuffed with rubbish, there is no any hermetic system; it is not keeping any technology production. As a result we have a risk of getting poor reconstruction with the further going consequences".
He also subjected to sharp criticism the work of the constructional organizations, which, without completing the works on one street, start to proceed the excavation of the following one, as well as the fact that they began excavating the streets, without having all the necessary instruments and materials, and afterwards leave the objects opened for a long time, bemoaning on that they had no one thing, the other, the third.
Vadim Brovtsev has emphasized that one needs keeping of the culture of conducting the works.
"Why such dirt has been scattered all over the town? Who allowed dumping the taken out ground at the same place directly? While conducting such kind of works , - has emphasized the Chairman of the Government, - the excavating ground has to be dumped into the dump truck, which has to take it out of the limits of the town, and the asphalt must remain clean".
He has also offered to use more steadfast and light pits from modern strong plastic instead of the outdated ferroconcrete ones, which would allow saving the means for using the lifting mechanisms and also the welding works.
The General Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Stroytechkontrol" Alan Dzagoev has reported that, before presenting the claims to the quality of the conducted works it is necessary to have the design-estimated documentation.
"We have been already requiring this documentation for a long time, but the "South Management" has not given it. Meantime, aside from the constructing networks, they have also works at the other sites, but nobody do anything, everything is kept in a secret ", - has emphasized he.
Vadim Brovtsev asked Viktor Manushkin, if the "South management" would give the confirmed project-estimate documentation and he has got an affirmative answer.
In conclusion, the Chairman of the Government has once again called to remove all the available defects, raise the culture of production and conduct the works so as it would not break the vital activity of the town and would not create the inconvenience to the capital inhabitants.

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