Serbian seedlings have been taken to South Ossetia

Mon, 21/03/2011 - 17:30

The seedlings of apples, grapes and plums are taken to the South Ossetia. How the chief of the Department of agriculture at the Ministry of economic development of RSO Dzhambolat Kozaev says, the seedlings will be given the farmers for five years under the goods credit facilities.

«Seedlings of the Serbian origin – are of the regional sorts, which will become acclimated to our climate and will give the harvest. Here are 10 thousand plum seedlings, 58 thousand - grape, the rest of the seedlings – are the apple trees", - has defined Kozaev.
As he says, it is a very good prospect for the Republic, as already in five years the seedlings will give the one-hundred-percent harvest.
"Already in five years our Republic will be provided by fruit and berries, which are grown on its territory", - has added the chief of the management.
He has concluded that due to this the cannery in Tskhinval would be able to function completely.

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