"The children of South Ossetia" – the first copy has been issued

Mon, 21/03/2011 - 17:33

Soon the book of the well-known known South-Ossetan historian-documentalist Aleksey Margiev "The children of unconquered South Ossetia" will be issued. There will be the memoirs of the south-ossetian schoolchildren in the book about the terror, they outlived during the Georgian aggression 1989-1992 and 2008.

"I am very grateful to the chairman of the Alliance of the journalists of South Ossetia Batradz Kharebov that he has prompted me the idea of the creation of this book", - says the author.
According to Margiev, this book also includes the material which has been earlier composed by him: "The children of the blockade Tskhinval" and «The children of unconquered Tskhinval»
He has noted that he wanted to compose the book, reading which, people would not simply get information of that grief and terror, which the georgian fascists had been making up in South Ossetia , but which would help him to feel deeper the sufferings and sensations of the most defenseless victims of the georgian aggression – the South-Ossetian children.
"After the completion of the georgian aggression 1989-1992 I have offered the principals of the schools in Tskhinval to collect the compositions of children, in which they would have reflected their sufferings in those tragic days", - tells Margiev.
Then, as he says he has created a book "The children of Tskhinval", which was in great demand.
«I have done the similar work after the next georgian aggression in August 2008. So appeared my book "The children of South Ossetia", the signal copy of which has been already issued", - has noted the South-Ossetian historian-documentalist.
" It is difficult to read the book, so one could fully understand the sufferings, which happened to ordeal the South-Ossetian people - the wounds from georgian projectiles and rockets, the awe, the death of parents and peers, the despair, - notes Margiev. – It was also very difficult for me to work at the book. But it’s necessary for the world community to have the objective information and to realize, what the terror our people have suffered".
As he says, the text in the book is written on two languages: Russian and English to relieve the access of its content for the world community.
"Children – are the most defenseless creatures, they are the most valuable for us, and they suffer most of all during any war. I hope that the content of my book will help adults to realize this completely", - has said Margiev.
In this connection he has expressed the necessity of all the reasonable adults all over the world feel their responsibility before children and prevent any war for the growing generations would live happily under the peaceful sky.

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