The agreements with South Ossetia and Abkhazia about visa-free trips of the citizens have been ratified

Fri, 25/03/2011 - 15:40

The State Duma ratified two intergovernmental agreements with Abkhazia and South Ossetia about mutual visa-free trips of their citizens. The Agreement with Abkhazia is signed in October 2 2009 in Sukhum, but the Agreement with South Ossetia – in 1 February 2010 in Moscow. Both documents provide visa-free regime of trips of their citizens by the period about 90 days both with the foreign passport, and with the internal documents.

For citizens of Russia such document is a passport of a citizen of RF, diplomatic and official passports, passport of sailor, certificate on entry (return) in RF and birth certificate with instruction of belonging to citizenship of RF.
Besides, a special regime of stay has been settled for the Armed Forces of RF. The servicemen - contractors, sent to South Ossetia or Abkhazia for service, and members of their family stay there on the grounds of official passport without visa, but the draftees - on the grounds of passport of a citizen of RF and also the military ticket.

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