Inal Pliev: in 2008 Georgia carried out the military aggression not only against South Ossetia, but also against Russia

Mon, 28/03/2011 - 12:14

The Head of so named monitoring mission of Eurounion (the same mission of the observers of Eurounion in Georgia) Hans-Yorg Haber at the seminar of the Parliamentary assembly of NATO "Rose Ros" in Tbilisi has declared that Russia is a side of the georgian-ossetian conflict, and that, "having acknowledged Abkhazia and s. n. South Ossetia, Moscow lost its lever for returning its influence on Tbilisi. This utterance has been commented by the independent South-Ossetian expert Inal Pliev.

"Russia acknowledged the independence of South Ossetia in August 26, 2008. But shooting of the Russian peacemakers and also the Russian peaceful inhabitants from tanks and artillery Georgia began in August 7. If believe Haber, it seems, that Georgia acted so, having submitted to the Russian levers of pressure, which, according to Haber, disappeared only in August 26. Of course, this is not right, and Haber simply sins against the truth".
According to the expert, the "West and its client Georgia try to stick the label of the «side in the conflict", the label of "aggressor" to Russia. However Haber and his accomplices "forget" the following. According to the Moscow Memorandum of 1996 and the following Protocol of the Mixed Checking Commission on regulating the georgian-ossetian conflict, which are the international agreements according to the Viennese convention about the right of the international agreements from 23 May 1969, Russia is a guarantor of peace in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict. But being a guarantor of peace means to stop any the actions, which break peace and what Russia has done. Before the action of Russia in August 2008 a lot of peaceful citizens of South Ossetia perished from hands of the Georgian regime of terror. And now people are living in peace, are busy with peaceful reconstruction of what has been demolished by Georgia with the West money and weapon, brought from the countries of NATO".
The expert has indicated that the " demagogues like Haber "forget" that, according to the Resolution of UN "About determination of aggression" from 1974 – aggression is exactly the attack of land forces of the regular georgian army on the Russian peacemaking battalion in the zone of the georgian-ossetian conflict, in the result of which a lot of Russian servicemen perished . According to the international law it was exactly the military aggression of Georgia against the Russian Federation".
In the opinion of the expert, "Russia does not need for any lever of pressure on Georgia or on someone else. She only wants the states and the people inhabiting them, while resolving some important issues, to proceed from their own vital long-term interests, acting in the spirit of peacefulness and respect the other countries and people, and the observance of standards of the international law".
He has also noted that the mission of the observers of EU in Georgia is a legal successor of the former Mission of OSCE in Georgia and, either as the Mission of OSCE, serves for justification of possible military provocations of Georgia against South Ossetia and Russia.

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