The War in August 2008. The eye-witnesses are telling. Tedeeva Darya

Mon, 28/03/2011 - 18:07

Tedeeva Darya Vasilievna, 1921 d.b., a dweller of Tskhinval.
Much trouble and misfortune I had to undergo during my life. How long I am conscious of myself, the georgians repeatedly undertook the attempts to seize our Native land. At night from 7-8 of August 2008 they once again attacked the South Ossetia. My family and I came down into the cellar. There was dark and damp there, but there was no another way out. We had even nothing taken with us.

My son-in-law was not at home, he was at the post, my daughter was terribly worried about him, she tried to get him through, but the mobile connection was bad, moreover, there was the lack of light. The residential districts, houses, and the hospital had been shooting by the «Hail». We were informed that the schools, the university, the parliament had been burning. The peacemaker’s borough had been also ruined. I thought nobody would survive; I was frightened for my relatives, for my small grandson very much. I shall never forget his glance, when he ran up to me and asked me : "Grandmother, if the georgians will kill us, too?". What could I answer him, when I was sure that no one of us would survive?..
The ninth of August when we were shooting by heavy fire, one of our lads ran into the cellar. He was becalming us; he said that, the convoy of the Russian armed techniques had been already going to rescue us. I prayed God the Russians would have arrived quicker and my family would have remained alive. But they were not and not coming, death seemed to be inevitable.
In the 90-th years of XX century the georgians also hit upon South Ossetia, and then they showed awful brutality. People were taken off the buses, which had to go through the Georgian villages and the georgians were mocking at them. A lot of people were lost in action then. One would want to forget all this horror, but, unfortunately, it is impossible.
I only pray God of one thing: if, together with my generation, all the troubles would go away and that the young generation of the Republic would never see the war!

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