The demographic policy of RSO has been discussed in the course of the Round table in Tskhinval

Thu, 31/03/2011 - 10:35

The Program of the national demographic policy ought to be worked out in South Ossetia. The participants of the Round table "The demographic policy of South Ossetia", which has been taken place today, on March 29in Tskhinval, came to this conclusion.
The organizer of this action is the South-Ossetian branch of the Institute of the Eurasian Researches jointly with the Republican political party "Unity". The main target of the Round table was setting up the working group for working at the Program of demographic development in Ossetia.

The opening of the Round table began with the discussion of the issues of demography and national policy in this sphere, which have been taken up by Mira Tskhovrebova and Ruslan Bzarov.
According to Mira Tskhovrebova, the given issue is actual and vitally important, and one could thoroughly think over its resolving.
"At the same time we have to resolve the economic issues, raising the standards of living and creating the simple conditions for living in the Republic", - she has said.
In turn, Ruslan Bzarov has noted that one could not resolve this problem by simple appeals, and it would have to be taken the complicated socio-political decisions.
"For the last century Ossetia has suffered the difficult time, which influenced on the demography, but more exactly on the migration of people, and on declining of birth rate and increasing of death-rate. Our primary task is – to inhabit the South Ossetia by the ossetians. Certainly, we will not cope with this task using only the komsomol appeals. It’s necessary to develop the infrastructure, raise the economy", - has emphasized Bzarov.
In turn, the Chief of the Statistic Department of RSO Eric Puckhaev has given the data, according to which the death-rate in 2010 exceeded the birth rate twice, which is the indicator of natural reduction of the population.
The Chief Executive Officer of the consulting company "Plane", psychologist Medina Sosranova has explained that the post-traumatic syndrome influenced negatively both on a man , and on ethnos as a whole, changing its nature.
"Such traumas, kill, or raise the person on a new, higher level of spirit, actuate him. It depends at a large extent both on the personality of a man, and the political strategy of a state", - has said Sosranova.
In conclusion, the participants of the Round table came to the opinion about the necessity of making the concepts of the national demographic policy in Ossetia in the nearest future.

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