The Mobile connection in South Ossetia has been restored

Thu, 31/03/2011 - 10:37

The mobile connection which was broken in the result of damage in TRANSKAM has been restored. The Chairman of the State Committee for information, connection and mass communications in South Ossetia Georgy Kabisov has reported IA "Res" that while undertaking the drilling works in Roksky tunnel on TRANSKAM, the rock crumbled up, in the result of which was damaged the cable – optical fiber.

"For this reason more than 17 hours the mobile connection and Internet in the Republic has been completely inaccessible, - has told Kabisov. - In the capital of the Republic was working only stationary connection, but after the war 2008 it has not been restored in all the districts of the town".
As to the Republic in a whole, according to the Chairman of the State Committee, at present in South Ossetia is functioning only one branch of the connection, because of the absence of the reserve line.
"This question has been repeatedly risen by the Committee both at the Government and at the Parliament of the Republic, but hitherto we have no any reaction, - has declared Kabisov. - And in this instance we faced that the mobile connection had been completely blocked, what was, certainly, inadmissible and endangered the safety of the Republic".
He also reminded that the resolving of this issue was included into the strategic block and the problem would have to be solved in time.
There was also noted at the Committee that by the reason of technical trouble on the communication link the information had not been updating during the twenty-four-hours.
We shall note that the mobile connection in South Ossetia is provided by the joint Russian-South-Ossetian company "Ostelekom".

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