The War in August 2008. The eyewitnesses are telling. Kristina Margieva

Thu, 31/03/2011 - 16:55

Margieva Kristina Hasanovna, 2000 d.b.
I`ll remember the war in August 2008 for the rest of my life. At night from 7 to 8 of August I was awaken by heavy shots and I was frightened very much. I did not understand what was occurring, my small brother, having awaken, began to cry. My mother ran up, took us in her arms, and we came down into the cellar. It was very dark, damp and awful there. I could not understand what was happening, why the shots were not stopping, my mother did not want to tell us anything.

In a certain time our neighbour, who looked very scared, came to the cellar, she was talking to my mother quietly; I heard that they were talking about the war, that the georgians had attacked us. My father was not at home, he was at the work, and mother said, that everything was right with him, but she herself was wiping her tears with trembling hands and all time she was trying to get through to daddy.
I was terribly scared, but I did not express my fear, I was becalming my younger brother, who was crying very much.
In August 9 my uncle arrived and wanted to take us to Vladikavkaz, but the road had been firing on, and we stayed. I wanted to sleep very much, but I could not. We were hungry; we had no any food, only the next day, when my uncle came, he brought us bread and water. But we did not want even to eat, we did not want to do anything, too. I prayed God my papa would come back, when he was next to me there was nothing I was afraid of.
I wish it never, never were war again!

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