Georgia is no more worried about one believes her or not

Tue, 12/04/2011 - 19:03

On the 8-th of April an assault upon the russian frontier-guards took place in Galskiy region of Abkhazia, in the result of which perished a serviceman of FSS Russia lieutenant colonel Vasiliy Kvitko, two offenders – citizens of Georgia Lasha Sichinava and Malkhaz Kharchilava- have been killed by return fire. Russia and Abkhaziya confirm that the killed georgians were subversives of the special services of Georgia. Georgia again has quickly found the answer and confirms that one of the perished men, Sichinava, has been sentenced to 19 years in Georgia and was hiding out in Abkhazia, which, ostensibly, together with South Ossetia turned out to be the «black hole", where smuggling of nuclear stuff and slave trade take place.

Who is right? To answer this question, it is necessary to recollect the methods and forms of working of special services of Georgia. It is not simple to confirm or disprove, was Sichinava really convicted by the Georgian court. In any case, South Ossetia remember well, as in 1991 Tskhinval was flooded with 3000 released convicted men, who had been disguised as militiamen at the stadium in Gori. By blood of the peaceful inhabitants they had been ransoming the liberty for themselves. The political tradition of Georgia does not exclude the broad involvement of the convicted persons for resolving of "executioner deals". If take away the moral aspect, by which no one in Tbilisi specifically burdens himself, it is rather "comfortable" that in case of failure it would be easy not only to justify oneself, but also to accuse the victim of their own provocation as if it conceals the criminals. But Georgia does not stop on it. What cost the accusations of South Ossetia in "smuggling of nuclear material"! Our country borders only with Russia and Georgia. Russia has more than enough of its own nuclear material, but - who needs it in Georgia? After all it has neither nuclear industry, nor atomic electric station, nor, fortunately, nuclear weapon. We`ll forget that in its longing to mire two young republics, Georgia stops at nothing. We remember the accusations of the nonexistent "south-ossetian nuclear physicists" in assisting the nuclear program of Iran. However, Georgia is obviously not the country, which is worried, if normal people entrust her or not. Let`s recollect, at least, how Georgia seized two foreign investors, one of which was a friend of Israeli president and an honorable consul of Turkey. The absurdity of charges brought against them, as well as all the attacks against South Ossetia, Russia and Abkhazia are certainly, obvious, but everybody keeps silence and pretends that nothing is occurring. So if someone is a «black hole", so it is Georgia, where disappear foreign investors. And what about the south-ossetian peaceful inhabitants-they disappear in the "black hole» - so that even georgian special commission of the experts of EU cannot find them. In this connection it also deserves attention the provocative position of the mission of the "observers" of the European Union in Georgia, whose leader, the ambassador Khansyorg Khaber persists on access of the «observers" onto the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Considering the "experience " of functioning european "observers" in South Ossetia in 1993 - 2008, we can boldly confirm that if the EU observers were in Abkhazia, they, in connection with the last incident, would have declared that there were not georgians who assaulted upon the russian frontier-guards in Abkhazia, but on the contrary.

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