Boris Attoev: The special services of Georgia stand behind the all acts of terror in South Ossetia

Sun, 08/05/2011 - 15:55

The Chairman of the Committee for State Security of the RSO Boris Attoev in his interview IA "Res" has told about the subversive activity of the Georgian special services against South Ossetia, the destructive forces in the Republic and cooperation of the south-ossetian special services with the foreign colleagues

What are the methods and the activity of the Georgian special services against South Ossetia?

First of all, on the eve of the holiday – the Day of the Great Victory, I would like to congratulate our veterans and all our society. All those people, who brought closer the victory in that great fight of our people for liberty, I wish them health, welfare and long years of life. As to the activity of the Georgian special services, it is aimed at destabilization of the situation in the Republic of South Ossetia. Even on the eve of the war in August 2008 the special services of Georgia have conducted several terrorist acts on the territory of South Ossetia, in the result of which the innocent people, including teenagers, perished. At the same time, for the reason of persuading our citizens to cooperate with them, they used blackmail, involved them in smuggling, planted drugs and false money on people. These methods are being used by them up to the present time. All the citizens of the RSO, regardless, if they are found on the territory of Georgia lawfully or not, are being observed attentively by the Georgian special services. They undergo psychological pressure for getting the information on military objects in the RSO, on political situation. The Special services make provocations for attracting people to the secret cooperation. Unfortunately, the analysis of the acts of terror in the RSO proves that the Georgian special services also attracted the citizens of the RSO to their activity. At the same time I would like to remind you that our legislation enables the discharge of criminal responsibility on the article 205 (the terrorism) and 275 (the high treason) of the Criminal code, in case of voluntary appearance of a person, cooperated with the foreign special services, forces and promoted prevention of the act of terror and wrecking of the reconnaissance actions, directed on violating safety in the Republic.

Are any subversive-terrorist actions lately registered for the side of the Georgian special services?

In the specific centre of Georgia the special subdivisions, which can be used for undertaking subversive-terrorist acts are being prepared. In these centre people, speaking the Ossetian language, including the ossetians and also people who come from the georgian-populated villages of South Ossetia are being prepared. This is the evidence that we should not rest and lose our vigilance. Already after the events of August 2008 the Georgian special services organized the act of terror on the territory of the Russian peacemaking battalion, when a car stuffed with explosive was blown up. Later on, in the period of conducting the parliamentary elections in 2009, we found the explosive device in the cellar of the multistory building on Gafez Street in Tskhinval. In the course of celebrating the anniversary of the acknowledgment of the independence of South Ossetia by Russia, close to the Music College an explosive device was brought into operation in Tskhinval. We have also found one more explosive device in the anti-avalanche-gallery of the Transcaucasian road. Both the act of sabotage on the Transcaucasian road and the act of terror in the dwelling building on Gafez Street have been prevented due to the operational search actions of the CSS. Behind all these acts of terror, including the prevented ones stand the special services of Georgia. The complex actions on suppressing the intelligence-subversive and terrorist activity are being conducted in our territory constantly.

Could you tell us about the activity of the destructive forces on the territory of the RSO, who try to cause social or political tension in the south-ossetian society?

The state strategy of the government of Georgia towards the «occupied territories" expects the possibility of transferring people and goods across the borders, free movement, contacts and cooperation of people beyond both sides of the boundary. This strategy is also aimed at involving Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the international economic relations of Georgia. These purposes are indicated in the report of the International crisis group (ICG) published last summer. That is to say, that the main purpose and strategy of the Georgian government and the ICG – is through the involvement of people in trade and the other contacts gradually to level the achievements of the Ossetian and Abkhazian people in the fight for independence and make them to abandon to the sovereignty. In this connection it deserves attention the appeal of the "Georgian-ossetian civil forum" also accepted last summer in the Dutch city Leyden. In this appeal South Ossetia is offered to make the Georgian area of the state border of the Republic the most transparent for crossing people and goods in both directions, ignoring the fact of existence of its own statehood and international acknowledgment, with the lack of any warranty of renewal of combat actions, Also «providing liberty of the economic activity" is offered in the appeal in circumvention of the acting national legislation. This appeal -very similar to the positions of the Georgian strategy on the «occupied territories", - has been also signed by the citizens of South Ossetia living both on the territory of the Republic and in Russia. I`d like to note that the « Georgian- Ossetian civil forum" is established by the officials of Georgia and its activity is supervised by the Georgian special services on the territory of Georgia. A branch of this organization has been set up in North Ossetia. Our people, participating in the work of this forum, by their actions and statements, willfully or no, promote realization of the above mentioned government strategy of Georgia. There is also another group of people, seeing everything in the worst light. Instead of participating in the state formation, in rehabilitation of the Republic, standing in the pose of naked faultfinding, they, certainly, do not promote strengthening the independence and further international acknowledgement of South Ossetia. It has come to the fact that some of them call the acknowledgement of South Ossetia wrong and unnecessary though in public they position themselves as the patriots. There are people who are mistaken amongst them, but in whole their actions are motivated with the lust for power and money.

How the CSS of the RSO interacts with the colleague overseas?

Recently it has been two year anniversary since the day of signing the Agreements between the FSS of the RF and the CSS of the RSO about cooperation and interaction, as well as about the common efforts on guarding the boundary of South Ossetia. Our interaction with the Russian special services are being built on the base of these agreements as well as on the base of the Agreement on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance, signed by the heads of Russia and South Ossetia in 2008. The main trends of the interaction include guarding of the state border of the RSO, searching for criminals, fighting with terrorism and illegal sale of drugs, weapon and explosive material, as well as preparation of personnel. Working contacts with the management of the special services of Abkhazia are also supported.

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