Pierre Morel: The Document of non-applying force - is always on the agenda of the Geneva debates

Sat, 14/05/2011 - 17:15

The leadership of South Ossetia highly appreciates the role of the Geneva debates on safety in Transcaucasia and is ready for further dialogue in this format. It has been declared by the Deputy Prime-Minister of South Ossetia Domenty Kulumbegov in the course of the meeting with the co-chairmen of the Geneva debates, who have arrived in the Republic with a working visit. "The president, the parliament and the government of South Ossetia highly appreciate the format of the Geneva debates, and we again officially confirm our readiness for participation in the discussions. We hope the Geneva debates will become the platform, where we can discuss our problems and find out mutually acceptable ways out of the situation", - has said Kulumbegov.

According to the words of the Deputy Prime-Minister, the South-Ossetian side is ready to discuss the whole spectrum of the issues on the post conflict settlement, but as he has noted, the main issue for the Republic remains- keeping peace in the region, as well as the question of signing the legally obliging document of non-applying force against South Ossetia."Without signing of this document one could not talk about any progress. While we are not convinced that not any armed force is applied against South Ossetia all the other questions of the humanitarian nature are postponed on the background. We hope all the participants of this format to consider this problem thoroughly", - has noted the Deputy Prime-Minister, In the course of the meeting the question of staying of the international humanitarian organizations on the territory of South Ossetia was being also discussed
"All international organizations may open their own independent missions here, rather than arriving from Georgia and opening here the branches of Tbilisi representation. They are the humanitarian organizations, and I do not think they should be confused with the policy. They have to carry out their humanitarian mission, either as in any other corner of the world, where their aid is in need", - has concluded Kulumbegov. In turn the co-chairman of the Geneva debates from for the side of the EU Pierre Morel has noted that all participants of the Geneva debates pursue the only aim – to settle the georgian - ossetian conflict peacefully. "All the participants of the debates have the same opinion: we have some progress in spite of the discords. We do not forget about the document of non-applying force: this item is always on the agenda", - has said Morel. We remind that the co-chairmen are going to stay in South Ossetia for two days- 12 and 13 May. The delegation includes - Pierre Morel (EU), Anti Turunen (UN) and Gedrius Chekuales (OSCE).The next meeting in Geneva has been scheduled for June 7.

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