Co-chairmen of the Geneva debates have met with the national minorities of South Ossetia

Sat, 14/05/2011 - 22:06

Today in Tskhinval the co-chairmen of the Geneva debates on safety in Transcaucasia have met with the representatives of the national minorities of South of Ossetia. As noted by the state counselor of the president of the RSO Kosta Dzugaev in the course of the meeting, the "world of tolerance" always existed on the territory of South Ossetia. «The international obligations on protecting national minorities are strictly kept in the Republic. They have all necessary conditions of life, acceptable for the present socio-economic situation of our state", - has said Dzugaev.

The representatives of the participating public organizations have told the co-chairmen of the .Geneva debates about their activity in the Republic. According to the chairman of the Armenian society in the RSO Esma Abaeva, the Armenian school has been opened in Tskhinval before August 2008. «We were studying the traditions and customs of the Armenians. Once a week we used to conduct the studies on ethnic culture of the Armenians. However, after the war our school was ruined and today we have no conditions for normal work", - has said Abaeva. According to the representative of the national minority - Bella Nakashidze, -during her living in the Republic, she never felt that her rights had ever been infringed. "I take the active participation in the public life of South Ossetia; I am its competent member. And I think, we are all the internationalists, after all we are born in the Soviet Union», - she has said. All those present have also noted the importance of holding the Geneva debates. "We wholly realize the role of the international community, and our presence here gives us the opportunity to see with our eyes the realities, existing in the Republic", - has said the head of the association "The women of South Ossetia for democracy and human rights" Lira Tskhovrebova, applying to the co-chairmen of the Geneva debates. As she has said, there cannot be any peace between the opponents without a dialogue. However, she has declared that Georgia is repelling South Ossetia by its hostile methods in every way. In turn, a co-chairman of the Geneva debates for the side of the EU Pierre Morel has noted that they are doing everything to develop the dialogue between the Georgian, the Ossetian and the Abkhazian sides. "We are facing the different opinions of both sides and, certainly, it`s not easy to solve the existing problems", - has emphasized Morel. We shall note that the delegation of the co-chairmen of the Geneva debates on safety in Transcaucasia is now in Tskhinval. We shall remind that within the framework of the visit of the co-chairmen the meeting of the delegation with the Plenipotentiary of the President of the RSO on post conflict settlement Boris Chochiev and the members of the South-Ossetian delegation on the Geneva debates has taken place today. The meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of the government of the RSO Domenty Kulumbegov has also taken place today; after that the delegation went sightseeing the monuments of history and architecture of the Republic. Besides, for tomorrow it is scheduled the trip of the co-chairmen in Leningorskiy region of the RSO, where they are going to meet with a head of the administration and the inhabitants of the region. The delegation includes - Pierre Morel (EU), Anti Turunen (UN) and Gedrius Chekuales (OSCE).

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